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Surjeet is a entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and UI/UX Expert. His personal goal in life is to encourage and assist a 50,000 people to become Web designer, Digital Marketer and Developers.

He help students (Designer/developers/seo marketers) and assists them to get their dream job.
Surjeet is the founder and MD of  Webtech LearningProblab Technologies . Has 10 years of Web Design, Development and SEO marketing experience in Product & Technology. He has worked with global brands and product startups.

Surjeet has written industry articles on the subject of web design and user experience. His passions include creative strategy, user experience, blogging and teaching through speaking.

He live in Chandigarh, India, but love to travel. You should follow surjeet on Twitter (@surjeetthakur07) so you can meetup when He come to your city.Sincerely,

Surjeet Singh

P.S. My students come to me because they want job. Contact me today to block anyone else from taking your slot.

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